I believe that in real contact with another person you can touch your soul and touch your heart.
Online therapy has many benefits.

You can work on yourself and get help in the comfort of your home, in a place
where you feel safe.

You do not waste time commuting when your life situation does not allow you to travel. You can start therapy if you live abroad and you want to work with a therapist in your native language or you do not want to interrupt the therapy that has already started. You can heal yourself when you need to temporarily stay home.

Sessions are available via Zoom, Skype and occasionally with Whatsapp.

Because it can feel embarrassing at first, people who undertake therapy for the first time, I offer 10-minute free online contact so you can feel if this type of session works for you. We can get to know each other a bit and see if you feel comfortable.

There are risks and consequences to participating in online therapy. Among other things, the possibility that:

  • the transmission of my information may be disrupted or distorted by technical difficulties;
  • the transmission of my information may be interrupted by unauthorized persons and / or unauthorized persons may gain access to electronic storage of my therapy information.
  • there is also a risk that the services may be disrupted or distorted by unforeseen technical problems.

Of course, on my part, I make every effort to ensure that such situations do not occur.

You cannot get online help in a life or health emergency, online therapy is not an emergency service. When you feel that you may be hurting yourself or others, this type of therapy is not for you. Then you need to go to the nearest hospital for help.

In order to benefit from online therapy, you need:


providing the necessary computer or telephone equipment and access to the Internet


arranging a place with sufficient lighting and privacy that is free from distractions or interference with your online session


know that I do not agree to the recording of our sessions

For my part, you may expect the same.