I use the constellation method, work with body and emotions, with family traumas, and process approach.

My name is Agnieszka Tarkawska-Nowak.

I am an integrative therapist, I live and work in Hilversum and I have 20 years of professional experience. Of which I have earned while working at the hospital, clinic as well as in private practice.

I work in an integrative method, aligning the approach I developed to suit any person individually, and to their specific issue. I use the constellation method, work with body and emotions, with family traumas, and process approach. I work with the client individually, in pairs, in families but also have the ability to aid a group of people.

I have participated in many professional training, including – psychotherapy of anxiety and depression disorders, clinical diagnosis and hypnosis.

I am broadening my experience in working with trauma by learning Somatic Experiencing
at the Institute of Psychosomatic Therapy. I constantly supervise my work.

I follow the ethical code of the European Association for Psychotherapy.

Privately, I am a wife and mother of three children as well as a cat ????
I like traveling, cooking and enjoying life in general. I like getting to know people for their
diversity and uniqueness.

My main education is integrative therapy. It was the basis for diversity of treatment methods.

Thanks to my supervisor and coach – Dagmara Kuczynska-Ginko I have learnt that the most
important is the person and then, diagnosis and symptoms.

My master Gerhard Walper teaches me how to express kindness to people and naming the things as they are. That is why I like using the knowledge and method of system constellations of Bert Hellinger.

My adventure with Somatic Experience in Trauma Institute opened me to the experience of being in contact with emotions and body together. For me, it uncovered a new perspective of the nerve system. This is the approach I like following best but I am flexible in trying different methods that work for you.

My employment in a psychiatric hospital in the addictions ward taught me lowliness towards human fate.

My clinic work taught me to trust that providing support helps regain energy.

Running my own profession; that diversity of human experiences is linked with love.

My work in the Netherlands has opened me for online work, understanding of the expat environment and crossing the body borders.

The work with groups helped me to trust bigger energy that leads to change.